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We take your parcels

The Journey

Delivery of happiness

Call us or place your order directly through the website.

Parcel.lk boasts an instantaneous order process via which you can place your orders quickly, more effectively and more easily. Simply follow the steps and insert the required details and within a few short minutes you will have completed your order placement. The upside is you would have completed something which took ages and so much tension with any other company, the same thing you would have achieved with a few minutes by your own with no tension.

If you have any inquiry Dial ………………… Our team of dedicated team of customer serive is ever more eager to hear from you. We take pride in assisting you in any way that we are able to. If you want to know information on pricing call us, drop us an email. Whatever method you prefer we will get back to within minutes so don’t hesitate to let us know. You are the centre of everything that we want to achieve. It is your happiness that matters the most.

When your inquiry comes this is what happens.

An expert customer service agent will pick up your inquiry

Once details are out of the way, the agent will initiate the process and will inform you of all the paperwork requirements and pricing
If you agree to select us as your courier partner, we will then contact you to arrange taking over the goods Oh and don’t forget, the line is always on for your queries and yes all 24 hours a day 365 days a year.

We take your parcels

Once the details are sorted, you can hand over the goods yourself or better yet, we will arrange for it to be picked up. Once we have the parcels, then we

  • Package it accordingly to ensure safety

  • Take care of the necessary paperwork and red tape

  • Insurance the goods

  • And hand it over to our delivery team

The Journey

Once goods leave our warehouses they will very soon be in the hands of whom they were intended to. We offer many options of delivery including one-day delivery services. However, throughout the speedy journey our team goes beyond the call of duty. They take the time to

  • Check if your goods remain in the safety condition

  • Keep us updated so we can provide you an accurate timeline

  • All the while keeping up their pace so they can deliver on time.

The Delivery

Aha, yes the final bit, the most important of all. Once we reach the end of our journey, the goods will be handed over to whom it was intended. Our promise throughout this service is that when we deliver we will not only deliver your goods speedily and on time but also that when we deliver we would also deliver happiness.

Our delivery team always takes the caution to ease your busy schedule and take every action to avoid even the smallest of disturbance to your schedules. After all, if we want happiness for  you, these are but small sacrifices. Our delivery team will consult with the receiving party on the best time and place to deliver and will deliver on times and places as agreed exactly.